Learning Myths Quiz


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As instructors, we’ve probably heard many tips on teaching and studying throughout our careers.  How many of these prescriptions actually hold up in the research? You might be wondering: Should we tailor teaching to different learning styles? What’s the best way for students to review materials for an exam? Do left-brained and right-brained people learn differently?

Extensive psychology research has shed light on these questions.  Take this short quiz yourself (below) to see if you still subscribe to any learning myths!


1 thought on “Learning Myths Quiz

  1. Well, I learned a few things! Along the same line, I heard on the radio as I was commuting for an hour to work, that chewing gum while you study, then chewing the same flavour when writing the test, improves your results. I closed my eyes and sighed for longer than is prudent when operating a non-self-driving car….

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